Saturday, 18 August 2012

Don't Play With Yourself

Today I was hit by a car.

No, I’m not joking and no, I’m not in hospital. I could have caused quite the sensation and it all happened about five minutes from my front door.

Today is potentially the hottest day of the year, but there are times when I can be rather anti-social. So instead of hooking up with some friends to enjoy the weather, I decided to stay indoors and take part in a little ‘lazy time’. Unfortunately, adopting this mentality usually spawns cravings which often stand against the gym bunny in me so after rifling through my cupboards for something to snack on (note: we never buy snacks in the monthly shop), I decided to put on some clothes and step out of my house.

All was good. I made the descent down the hill onto a semi main road and stopped at the traffic lights. However, I can be a bit impatient at times and know for a fact that if I was American, I’d probably get done for jaywalking. At the time, however, all I could think about was buying my stuff, getting home and eating it so I chose an opportunity – an ill opportunity. 

The left side of the road was clear save for one car coming that was due to turn into the next road. There were two buses waiting to turn at the crossing I was waiting at. I figured that I could squeeze between them before they turned and get to the other side of the road. However, the bus in front began to turn and the bus behind edged forward towards where I had made my move – stupidly, I might add.

The driver beeped at me and I don’t know what it is, but beeping usually makes me panic and want to get as quickly out of the road as possible, only I forgot to consider the second lane beside the buses which was empty until the moment I stepped into it and a silver car came rushing towards me.

Please note that I know these roads. I’ve lived around them for nearly 18 years now so there really is no excuse. The car came rushing towards me nonetheless, the driver slammed on the breaks and I slammed by hands onto the bonnet, but the force still sent me backwards and into the street. The woman in the car screamed and all I kept thinking was:


How could you be so stupid?

Why didn’t you just wait on the pavement like a normal person?

I was shaken up but I knew instantly that I was in the wrong. I apologised profusely to the driver before making my way onto the pavement. A woman kept staring at me almost disapprovingly which made me feel worse, but a lovely man enquired after my well-being – I thought it was so sweet, but I was so very embarrassed. I only had a few grazes and he pointed me into the direction of a chemist – which turned out to be closed - but I thanked him for his concern anyway and then made my way towards the shop, keen to get out of the public eye.

I look back and realise I’ve done something similar to this at another road further up and around the corner from my house, only instead of intentionally attempting to get somewhere, I was just walking casually across the road – not paying attention – and a motor-cycle narrowly missed ramming into me. 

Therefore, I can’t help thinking that this was bound to happen. I’ve always been reprimanded by friends and family for the way I cross the road and even though it had actually gotten better over the years, I guess it’s common to relapse.

My advice to anyone is therefore, to be patient and to do the right thing. My life didn’t flash before my eyes or anything, but I’ve only ever felt that ‘shaken’ sensation once before and that was when I passed out on the train. Life is fleeting. Take care of it.

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